My definition of healthy was to be without disease, have a properly functioning body, to be “of sound mind”, and to maintain a well-balanced diet. I believe illness is a modification in the body which can negatively affect its social, physical, and psychological properties. My deciding factors were based on my educational exposures and I suppose I would say the way that society categorizes people based on the vague definitions of being “healthy” vs. “ill.”

Some people find it easy to assign the titles of a healthy person and an ill person. They do this by referencing different influences. An influence could be by personal experiences, such as if you know a person with a particular illness or by the media, such as watching a commercial depicting a healthy individual that works out, eats a balanced diet, etc. I think society makes illnesses well known, but illnesses are classified based on individual definitions and interpretations. They use a large scale to classify that ranges illnesses from minor to severe.

The two conditions I chose were cancer and migraines.  I think most people would consider cancer as an illness. This is because cancer not only affects you physically, but it affects you psychologically and socially as well. Cancer challenges the biological functions of the body and it challenges the mentality of the individual affected. Socially it affects families and friends. I categorize cancer as an illness because it follows my previous definition of the word illness. I previously didn’t believe migraines to be an illness, but upon thinking on it I now believe migraines to be an illness.  Migraines physically and socially disrupt the functions of a person. Some migraines create sensitivity to light and sound, which can severely interrupt the individually socially. All of these factors are negatively influenced which, by my definition, would categorize migraines as an illness.

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