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Hey there! My name is Taylor Young. I’m going to be a senior here with a major in Human Biology, which judging by reading some previous posts from other classmates is a common major within this class. I love, love, LOVE MSU and I’m happy to share that my little brother will be attending here in the fall! So I get to spend at least one year of college with him. My future plans include going to medical school hopefully within the state of Michigan and visiting Europe at some point. I don’t have any previous experience in anthropology whatsoever, but I’m taking this class because it sounded very interesting and I love learning new things. Attached is a picture of my dog, Nicki. I adore any type of dog! She’s half lab, half beagle, and super smart. She’s about 13 years old, but she’s as energetic as any little pup.


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  1. Moe Aqel says:

    Hey Taylor, Im Moe Aqel. Its pretty great that you will get to have some fun with your brother at the same school. my brother is a year younger than I am and Its pretty fun when you get some family around. And as far as visiting Europe, Its a must. Probably one of the best things you can ever do!

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