The Life Aquatic

Hello there, my name is Ryan Reid and I will be a senior this fall with a major in Anthropology, and most likely a minor in Museum Studies. I was originally a pre-med major, so when I saw that there was a Medical Anthro course offered at MSU, I was immediately interested. My dream is to become a shipwreck archaeologist and study old shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. After college I’m planning on joining the US navy and becoming a part of their diving program as well, to help further my course to my life goal. I love boating and playing volleyball, and I’m alright with any good craft beer.2012_10_06_10_24_24__76446782b67342cc963f1bcabc6a7e86

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  1. Josh Williams says:

    Hi Ryan, My name’s Josh and I think your picture is really cool. I also have a very good friend in the navy and from what I have heard he loves it so best of luck to you in the future!

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