While watching the lectures I came up with the definitions for both health and illness. I think that illness is anything that causes physical or mental pain or damage to your person. Health is a physical and mental state of being content and untroubled. It is possible to be physically healthy and mentally ill and vice versa. I believe that they reason why I think this way is a combination of things. Society and media have taught me that things like old age are just a part of life and is inevitable. The ability to avoid, get rid of, or have not always suffered from something also can be an indication of an illness, however, illness does not always have to follow these rules. Additionally, my family life and what I have grown up with may have shaped my view on these definitions.

I think that shyness isn’t an illness. This is because it’s something many people face on a regular basis. If this feeling of being shy becomes so devastatingly uncontrollable then I believe it could be looked at as an illness. However, generally speaking being shy is not typically viewed in this way. It is more of a feeling that one faces because they are fearful of what others may be thinking, and may be self conscious.

Anxiety is definitely an illness. It is something that can be so severe that it may control an individual’s life or at the very least, can alter how one interacts in certain situations. The overwhelming feeling of not being in control is something that can be treated with medication and therapy. This is another symptom of what one may consider an illness. Anxiety also can be a symptom of a larger illness. Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. Contrastingly, shyness may cause some anxiety but the amount is minimal in typical cases and usually can be overcome.

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