Becoming American!!

I only answered 3 questions correct on the quiz. I knew that Caucasian neighborhoods had more green land than African Americans and Latinos, but I did not know it was almost 19 times more. I was shocked that a recent study on Americans revealed that there is a 14.7 gap between the life expectancy of individuals living in different zip codes; therefore zip codes are strong indicators of health.

The unnatural cause episode that I chose to analyze was “Becoming American”. The episode was based on a Mexican family’s transition to United States. The video stated that 20 percent of Latino households struggle with discrimination, low paying jobs, inadequate schools, and poor housing. Also, the video stated that after 5 years in the United States, Latinos are 1 and a half times more likely to develop hypertension and become obese than when they first arrived. In addition, the video described how social isolation can cause death and the importance of socializing with family and obtaining friends. In the video, the Mexican family utilized support groups that provided resources such as jobs and after school activities. The community support gave the Mexican family hope and Americanized them. The children quickly noticed that climbing up the economic ladder was essential for a healthy future. The Mexican family showed how working long hours can decrease family time and cause children to lose their connection to their parents and adopt American habits. The video stated that Americans have high levels of depression and young immigrants have a high chance of developing anxiety. Moreover, the video stated that 1 out of 4 Latino children drop out of high school and 1 out of 7 Latino girls attempt suicide. The non-genetic factor that may explain the Latino immigrants’ diminishing health is the lost of some of their cultural beliefs and values; therefore acquiring the American lifestyle.

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