Collateral Damage

I did not do very well on the quiz with only 4 questions correct. All of the questions, even the ones I knew on the quiz were surprising to me. The most surprising was the question regarding park size from neighborhood to neighborhood and that there is 16 times as much park for higher income “white” neighborhoods compared to the ones that are home to lower income with high populations of Latino and African Americans. In my opinion this could be because of the developer’s needs in the lower income areas to fit as much living space into the designated areas in order to make living affordable in these neighborhoods.  Another reason is that parks are areas that are open to public attract violence and unwanted loitering, resulting in more problems for the area. Absences of parks results in less required police patrol through the parks in these areas.

Unnatural cases: “collateral damage” explains the hardships and terrible living conditions that have caused the Marshallese people to be over run with many illnesses. The demise of the health and well-being was jeopardized when the United States took over the islands in order to place a military base for a strategic use in this area of the world. With the power of the base, the military cleared nearby islands and used the natives as subjects for nuclear testing.  Movement of these people to overcrowded slums has created the biggest of all health concerns, with constant re-infection of family members and neighbors. The false hope this United States has given the Marshallese people and the forced movement and relocation of these people has made the outlook for these peoples lives dim.

As seen with the Marshallese people their location was the reason why most of their health and outlook is in jeopardy. During the war and overtake by the US, the influence created all of the dismay and movement away from original living styles of these aboriginal people. If it was not for the location of these people and the way they war had played out, today I would have no problems saying that their outlook on future generation’s health would be different.

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