When the bough breaks

The Health Equity Quiz was interesting and I actually did very well on it.  However, there were a few that I looked up and was surprised on the answers.   One of the answers that I thought was odd was that Latino American immigrants had the highest overall health rates in the US.  Although five years after migrating here their odds dropped to the rates of natural born Americans. It is sad to think how unhealthy our lifestyles are and how easy it can be to be corrupted by it.  This is something that I find crucial to examine and to fix not only in my own life but to possibly help others in their own.  Id like to learn more information on causes of the problems and learn how to correct them in my life and help others that would also like help.   I had always heard that those with higher incomes, those that held higher socioeconomic statuses, were typically the healthiest and therefore one would think that they would have the healthiest child births.


I watched “When the bough breaks” and was immediately hooked.  The information presented in this video is directly related to what and why I want  to go into medicine.  I have heard many different “Reasons” as to why the US has such poor birth rate successes and have discussed this matter with many women over the past year or two.  Finding answers or possibilities as to why we have problems here, and how we can help women give safer, more successful births, and raise healthy children, is exactly what I have been passionate about.  The fact that race and the stress of racism directly effects the growth of the baby and the premature labor for the mother is incredibly interesting and makes sense.  Racism is still so incredibly potent in our society, yet is something that indirectly makes our social class possible.  Im fairly confident that I will never see the day where racism is non existent, however, hopefully one day it will happen.   Finding a way in which mothers can de stress or fade away from society in order to have a healthy pregnancy is more than likely a dream.  And interestingly enough the higher educated women have the worst pregnancy results.  At first that statistic was puzzling, until the factor of stress was stated.  The more educated black women experience higher exposures to racism on a daily basis.  Thus making difficult pregnancies more prevalent.  This topic is one that I will continue to research independently and am very happy to have exposed in this class.

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