Bad Sugar

I scored a 6 out of 10 on the health equity quiz and an interesting fact that caught my attention was how many people live in such a small area such as individuals in Los Angeles. These are the types of areas that will most likely not see any improvement regardless of how well the surrounding cities are doing due to the dense population and limited access of resources. In a situation such as these, it is important to have enough space so that resources may be made more accessible, lowering the disadvantages of living in such areas.

The video “Bad Sugar” was interesting to see how negatively affected some local areas can be, even when the other areas can make such great advances. However, this does make sense when local area’s resources are taken away and used to better the more advanced areas of a city. The prevalent difficulty with Type II diabetes in this local area seems to stem from a few different factors that, for the most part, are out of the locals control. Their diet and lack of resources greatly hinders these peoples health, which induces stress and other psychological factors only exacerbating the effects of diabetes. Although it seems the Pima are finally offered a sense of self empowerment through access of fresh water, they are still at a disadvantage to the city that created these problems in the first place. The genetic aspect in this case, seems like a smaller factor of the prevalent problems with Type II diabetes, as most of the problems seem to arise from environmental factors. On a global perspective, it is also noted that Type II diabetes is also prevalent in other areas as well. This makes genetic makeup difficult to assess as there is no valid correlation between Type II diabetes and genetics as of yet, although there is research developing that shows there are certain defective genes that negatively impact as well as may contribute to the symptoms of diabetes.

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  1. Hassan Ahsan says:

    Alex, I am impressed that you got a very decent score on your health equity quiz as it shows that you have a good awareness of the health of America! Having lived in Los Angeles for a few years, I recall the concrete jungle atmosphere of the city. However, I must disagree that areas with dense populations will not see change, though I accept that the change will be slow and have to overcome many obstacles of bureaucracy.

    The episode ‘Bad Sugar’ was quite disturbing as the primary victims of the abuse of water rights were the indigenous people, the Pima tribe of the Native Americans. The lack of water caused over 100 years of economic burden that in turn led to poverty and death from starvation of the Pima people. The main advancement that Arizona saw was the building of the Coolidge Dam and this helped to develop the State but to the detriment of the Native Americans. It is ironic that the government that caused the tribe to become financially dependent on food rations was the same group that then gave processed and canned food, which to me seems to adding another nail in their coffins rather than helping them.

    Diabetes is on the increase and this is because of the type of diet that the Pima became reliant on for living is now a staple of many American homes. Though there is a correlation between diabetes and genetics, the extent to which type II diabetes is spreading cannot be assumed to be genetics alone. Environmental exposure must be given a strong consideration when evaluating causes of diabetes.

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