Clown Doctors in NYC

This article was about how non traditional treatment greatly improved patients and there parents experience at the hospital with the use of clown doctors. Even though there was no physical treatment by the clown doctors, what they did was treat the children emotionally through different routines. These routines both entertained them to get their minds off the reason they are in the hospital in the first place and in other cases gave the children the feeling of being empowered where children tend to be at the mercy of adults and circumstances beyond their control. This type of therapy based in this article helps children get through some of the toughest times of there lives. Like in the article where there was a clown doctor went into the emergency room with a child that had been set on fire and was keeping him distracted while doctors were cutting off dead pieces of flesh and even managed to get the child to laugh while he was in excruciating pain.

The clown doctors achieve all of this through a variety of different ways ranging from blowing bubbles and making music to teasing doctors and puppet shows. These tactics not only work on the children put also are uplifting to the parents of the afflicted children. This is especially true for infants where they don’t respond to the clowns but rather provide a relief to the parents of the children and create a more enjoyable environment. As even the nurses on many of the units have said that when the clown doctors are on the floor it just has a different feeling in their unit, a more positive energy. Which in turn makes there job easier and seems to give them more satisfaction out of doing there jobs. Even with all of their antics and boisterous behavior they still stop at the nurses station to find out who/what is off limits before they start their performances.

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  1. Joseph Wallace says:

    I think of the idea of clown doctors to be very good and helpful! I believe that anything that can make a child or parent’s visit to the hospital easier is well worth it. There are a number of ways that the clown doctors help. Some tasks in the hospital are very difficult to accomplish, and the things that the clown doctors do help to make these things easier. I liked when you talked about the child who even went as far as to laugh due to the clown, despite being burned and experiencing crazy pain.

    Although I like the idea of clown doctors, I do not think that it is correct to compare them to biomedical doctors. Biomedical doctors are greatly important for their knowledge, experience, and application methods to reach the goal of helping the ill. Illness cannot be cured through blowing bubbles, puppet shows, and the other various tactics that the clown doctors use for amusement. However, I think that clown doctors can be good additions. Even if the child is an infant, as you said, the simple presence helps to lighten the environment for the parent. The clowns know their role and what they are and are not allowed to do, and as long as they are effective I believe that they are beneficial!

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