W4 Activity Post Prompt

Title: Choose an episode of True Life dealing with a medical condition from this list [link] to analyze for this activity post and write the title of it (e.g. “I have schizophrenia”)

***If you pick an episode that does not directly correspond with a biomedically recognized illness (e.g. “I am a shopoholic”)  you need to explain exactly why you interpreted this to be a “medical condition” and this episode to be reflective of an “illness narrative” in your blog post. Otherwise you will not get points for your post.***

Body: (300 words)

  • Summarize the episode and identify the following themes:
    • Type of narrative (Restitution, Chaos, Quest)
    • Use of narrative
    • Culture and Stigma
    • Experiences with medical professionals
    • The sick role – rights and responsibilities
  • Discuss the usefulness of illness narratives to patients/family/healthcare providers – cite materials from this week to support your answer

Comment: (200 words)

  • Pick a post that analyzed a different episode of True Life
  • Find another illness narrative (youtube/website/blog/article, etc.) that reflects on the same medical condition as discussed in the true life episode your classmate chose – cite it and add a hyperlink to it.
  • Compare the experience of this patient to the ones described in the original post – what factors do you think influenced their experience (culture, family, gender, socio-economic status, etc.)

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Post Due: Friday 7/26

Comment Due: Sunday 7/28

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  1. phill612 says:

    In the video linked below is the story of Liam is a fifteen year old boy with what doctors have described to be the most severe case of Tourette’s syndrome. During the interview he describes his dream of being a normal teenager who can go out and not be a public spectacle. The emotional and physical toll this disease has taken on him is expressed through his painstaking tears. Liam has tried to stop the tics that have left his body overrun with bruises but the condition has taken over. Feeling like he is out of options and a desperate attempt to take control of his young life he decides to undergo brain surgery. A cure is not guaranteed after the surgery but the hope of a cure is enough to for Liam to take the risk. Similar to Alyssa in the True Life video Liam is has an enormously positive outlook on his condition. Neither of these two young individuals do not feel sorry for themselves or missing out on life. They both are open about their condition and find ways to cope with their illness. His journey with Tourette’s is also similar to Alyssa’s in that their illness narrative is a quest narrative. To find his place in the world Liam is a very talented singer and is relieved of all symptoms. But unlike Alyssa, Liam has had a harder time making friends because his condition is so severe and he is frequently bullied. His family is his main support system as well as his theatrical performances. Much of his motivation for this surgery is socially motivated. It goes back to his dream of being a normal functioning person and thanks to his courage and skilled doctor’s his dream is becoming a reality.


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