Welcoming Shamans

I decided to choose the article about the Shamans in California. In the article, “A doctor for disease, a Shaman for the soul,” here I learned a few new things fairly interesting and gets me thinking about the way western medicine is in our culture compared to others. The Shamans are part of a old traditional culture that practices their health system by a form of belief and spiritual act. As that being their main form of practice, they believe that the way they heal the body is by preventing evil spirits or souls from taking over the human soul and getting them sick. They use chants, smoke, burning paper, and sacrificing animals as a form of prevention of illness. As they moved to the western side of the world, they are slowly adapting to the western culture of medicine use and using their practice of medicine coincide with our traditional use of doctors, medication and surgery. The fact that some hospitals in the United States are allowing the Shamans to carry on their tradition in the rooms is neat, since it is getting the Shaman population living in the United States to accept the help by the doctors and the use of medicine in the western world. It is real good for the community and helping the social status of the hospitals to gain respect and trust of the Shaman population.

What got my attention even more is the doctor that was raised by Shamans and is practicing medicine in the United States. She says if she was sick, shed be admitted into the hospital, but also would like a Shaman by her side. When this happens, you are getting great care by the doctors of the hospital and is more comfortable trying to heal based on their beliefs and accepting the spiritual help needed.

This is great for the adaptation to new medicine in the United States and actually for all of the western society, to be able to gain respect and trust for people and hopefully leading to new practice that will gain more cultures to help a lot more of others.

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  1. mackin24 says:

    The idea of Shamans really sparked my interest. I noticed that Shamans are not the equivalent of a biomedical doctor that we are used to in the United States. Shaman’s do not deliver healthcare in a official hospital or doctors office as it is here. The Shaman’s seem to have the best interest of the patients mental health as long as overall well being where as doctors are mainly only concerned with physical well being. The shaman’s seem to be very effective at treating the patients beyond just their physical symptoms. I am not positive that these healers seem credible or legitimate, but with their extremely good intentions I believe they must be somewhat effective. Although they may not be treating the patients actual symptoms they are at least uplifting their over all well being. In this case some patients may begin believing their better just because their spirits are uplifted. American culture has mainly based treatment of patients on prescriptions. It is interesting to see a different viewpoint on healing patients. This tactic may be legitimate and effective, but I have never experienced it enough to judge. If the patients are not physically healed at least the shamans can mentally make things more pleasant for these patients.

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