I Have An Embarrassing Medical Condition

The True Life episode I choose to summarize is “I Have an embarrassing Medical Condition.” This video focuses primarily on Allyssa 18, and Krystal 18, these two individuals do not share the same medical condition. Allyssa was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at the age of 15. She has learned how to deal with it but often needs the help and support of her family and friends. Allyssa attempts to live a regular life, but in the video she explains that it is hard to live a normal life because of the sudden outburst and tics that she receives as a result of the Tourette.

She struggles with the thought of attending college and the stigma that will come along as she ventures away from her family. She is afraid of what people will think of her condition and whether or not she will be accepted. Allyssa uses a quest narrative: she is really accepting to her condition, and she keeps a very positive attitude about her Tourette’s. She does not let her condition prevent her from living a normal life, however the social stigma that comes along with it hinders a lot of her daily activities. Allyssa is responsible for taking meds that she hates because it causes a lot of physical reactions in her body such as, stomach pain. Her responsibility is to attend college and make new friends. She acknowledges her condition but deals with it by laughing and making jokes about it

Krystal suffers with Hyperhidrosis, which is a sweating disorder. She uses a chaos narrative to describe her condition. Krystal has hard to coping with the idea that she has a sweating disorder and she is very embarrassed about it. She lets the condition control her life and her daily activities, including the clothes she wear. She wears dark clothing to hide the sweat stains. She also is afraid to tell her friends about the condition because she fears the social stigma she will receive from other members of the society. She attempts to cover it up every way possible. During the show Krystal goes to a doctor and discusses the options she has to cure or help the condition. The doctor gives her an option to get botox, which will help relax her nerves and reduce the sweating. However, she never gets the botox because it is too expensive. Krystal’s responsibilities are trying to accept her condition and feel comfortable with herself. She also has the responsibility of informing her friends about her condition, which she does at the end of the show.

Illness narratives are very important when describing a condition or health issue to family, doctors, and patients. The way an individual chooses to describe an illness determines how the illness will be interpreted, and how society will react to the condition (stigma). In the case of medical professionals, the illness narrative an individual uses is important because it will allow the doctors to better assist them with healing and treatments. As stated in lecture, belief and healing are largely influenced by the experience a person has and the narrative used to describe this illness and experience.

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