Chronic Pain Reflection

I chose chronic pain as my contested illness from our culture. Chronic pain is more easily defined as pain that last for a long time. Chronic pain often seems untreatable and in some cases the cause for the chronic pain seems unidentifiable. Often an individual will have an experience causing them pain, yet the pain from that experience seems to last longer the medicine and culture would predict the pain to last.  Chronic pain is also very interesting because it is not often believed by others to be real pain even by those who also experience chronic pain as noted in the article. Also it was interesting to note from the article that patients with chronic pain are often forced to legitimize it during their experience with doctors in order to be taken seriously or be given medical attention. One of my family members comes to mind during the discussion of chronic pain, an older woman who often complains about back pain and traces it back to her pregnancy even though the pain may have been caused by something far different.  Doctors believe that chronic pain may be based on underlying psychological causes as opposed to actual physical causes.  I think because of the way doctors approach chronic pain it may cause a greater misdiagnosis of some women’s problem who have chronic pain when there may be a real underlying issue such as a bulging disc/nerve  impingement, nerve issues, or circulatory issues. I think that some issues of chronic pain may be genuine while others may be fixable by the placebo effect.  I also think that knee pain is very similar to chronic pain for many people and I think that relevant to this post the knee surgery study was very interesting and makes a strong case for mind over matter. In my experience positive thought goes a long way, yet if there is an issue it needs to be fixed.

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