Im working my way out of poverty

In the episode called “I’m working my way through poverty” the main narrative used is a Quest narrative. In this type of narrative individuals accept their illness and use it as a challenge. For them the will to beat the odds is a strong one and they rise up to the challenge. They take their situation and make it their story, in a sense. The title is like a signal for it all, I am working my way through poverty, I am the Poverty now and I will be different and change, for the better. A strong and poor woman fights her situation, that’s how this quest flares out into the video. A decision between food and clothing is one we don’t have to make. These resources we take for granted; we wear comfortable clothing, we come home to a fridge full of food, and have a comfortable and cozy place to call home. People with less than this know the grit it takes to decide between wearing clothes and going without food for days and eating comfortably and wearing scraps and garments that itch and annoy. Quincy, the girl in the video, was a former drug dealer who quit cold turkey and vowed to become clean. She didn’t have anything after she stopped selling. With no real income, what is she to do? The dollar bills are dissipating and the government bills are piling up, her family is on the brink and she’s trying to stay afloat. She is trying to be a staple and that comes with its responsibilities and admiration. A woman with nothing wants something, she has to get a paying job, or jobs to fund her family’s expenses and keep them afloat. Admiration for Quincy comes from her sudden change, her urge to better herself. That is something we all respect in each other. I bet her family is in full support and wants her to succeeded.

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