Post Partem Depression

Post Partem depression is defined as a type of depression that is experiences after the birth of a child.  Both the mother and father can suffer from this type of depression, even though it has been associated with only mothers for a long period of time.  Many people believe that it may be caused by the hormonal imbalances a mother can experience after giving birth to her child however others believe that it is just a defense mechanism used by mothers that may “second guess” their choosing to have a baby.  Either way, there is no test for it.  The diagnoses of post partem depression is based solely on what the mother of father say and complain about after they have their child.  I think that this is why post partem depression is hard to treat and mostly is cured over an amount of time in which the family gets used to their new “bundle of joy”.  I think that there is a very big correlation between belief and healing.  In “Cracking the Code”, it talks about the placebo effect on many people with “issues” that needed medical attention.  A great  example in the movie is the arthroscopic knee surgeries.  The surgeons basically pretended to do surgery on the patients and they felt great relief after waking up from the anesthesia.  I have actually seen sister take a placebo pill accidentally thinking it’s melatonin to help her go to sleep.  When she wakes up in the morning telling my how well she slept because of the melatonin I smile and walk away because I’m the only one who knew she actually just took a sugar pill.  I think that the will to believe is a very strong force in the healing process. The placebo effect is just an example of the subconscious healing that our body is capable of.

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