Restless Leg Syndrome

I choose this subjective illness because it touches a little close to home for me. I don’t think I have RLS, but I do need to constantly move my legs. I’m shifting constantly even throughout the night. I get very uncomfortable and sore. I don’t think it’s restless exactly, maybe just bad circulation, which is likely because that runs in my family.

I think the American culture really doesn’t take RLS seriously. The example comedy skit from lecture confirms my suspicions. I feel someone who has RLS may be ashamed to seek treatment. It’s not that I think America doesn’t take illnesses seriously, I think the exact opposite actually. I believe America just has a lot more serious illnesses and diseases to take care of, like cancer. I don’t think there are many options for biomedicine in America either. I don’t believe a lot is available yet for this syndrome. If I had RLS and I went to the doctor to seek help I think it would go something like this, I’d get a prescription, maybe, and be sent home. That’s about it. I feel melodramatic, but I just feel that’s how it would go.

Management of this illness would be short and simple. Like the scenario I wrote above, it would be a quick doctors visit and a prescription, maybe. I believe a lot of the management comes from the person themselves. Inner turmoil with the restless part and the shame of admittance of the illness. I feel the management would have a lot to do with the persons willingness and strength to cope. The treatment would be the prescriptions and maybe some physical therapy available out there.

I would define belief as your own willingness to get healthy. You need to have the desire and need to get well, and of course the fight still needs to burn brightly inside yourself. I would define healing as the actual biological phenomenon of getting well. This is just a biological process to me. I will use a couple examples, one from the Placebo Effect video and one from my own experiences. In the Placebo Effect video people were seen to be healed by the placebo effect. I believe these people are the people that have nothing left nowhere else to go and believe without a doubt this is their last shot. It’s not that I think the people who weren’t healed by the effect, like the woman with crippling pain in her hips, don’t want with all their heart to be healed. I just think there’s something blocking them from their own placebo effect healing. It’s hard to explain, but I just think it’s a fight with your own mind. If you don’t believe 100% this treatment will work, I don’t think it’s possible for it to work. I like how one of the scientists in the Placebo HQ put it, if you go in there knowing what will happen (your mind isn’t in on the healing) then it’s impossible for the effect to work. In my own experience I have seen my own miracles, but over a stretch of time. I’ve prayed for relief from stress and pain, and it has come to me, but with time. I feel my mind just isn’t in it enough to produce instant results. The stress pain and fear just hold me back, but over time I’m able to better cope and the negativity is lifted from me.

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