True Life: I have Orthorexia

This True life episode focuses on three people that have a type of eating disorder called orthorexia.  Orthorexia is defined as a type of eating disorder in which people who suffer from it avoid foods that they deem to be unhealthy.  The first person we see on True Life is named Spring.  She has been eating raw food for almost two years and when she accidentally eats something that is cooked she will make herself throw up.  Her family doesn’t know how rigid her diet has become and it has started becoming a bigger problem.  The next person we see is Lauren.  She has 15 foods that she will allow herself to eat and if she doesn’t have those specific foods she will not eat.  She plans her whole day around her strict eating plan.  The last guy we see in the show is named Andrew.  He is obsessed with making sure the food that he ingests will not make him sick.  He is sure that certain foods that people eat are actually killing him.

I was able to deem this disorder as a medical disorder because orthorexia affects your health just as much as it affects your social life.  All three of these people has “reasonable” explanations for why they handled food the way that they did.  In the show, all three of the characters needed to see some sort of nutritional therapist because their health, as well as their mental states continue to suffer from their obsessive tendencies. I think that this goes into the subject of the chaos narrative.  All of these people maybe want to get better deep down, but many of them don’t actually see the harm that they are causing to themselves and the people around them.  I think that this goes hand in hand with the chronic pain article because, like Lauren mentioned in the show, the characters feel shame if they veer away from their “normal” strict eating habits.

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