True Life: I have Social Anxiety

In this episode of True Life two young adults suffering from crippling social anxiety those everyday interactions are an exhausting task. Both Nonie and Scott begin the episode in the chaos narrative. Both of which are living at home and letting their condition dominate their social and professional lives. There is no cure for anxiety only different techniques in which to manage it but even going to receive that treatment proves to be a challenge. It’s like an infinite loop that it is impossible to get better without treatment but they must muster up enough strength to face their anxiety and change their life. Nonie perceives everyone is watching her and will choose restaurants with few people when she is forced to go out or prefers to do so in the evening hours. She refuses to call a psychiatrist because that is too much for her to handle and would rather fill a prescription for anti-anxiety medication. Scott has difficulty conversing with others casually especially attractive women. Scott’s anxiety and lack of self-confidence has stemmed from multiple years of bullying in school. With this acknowledgement, he is able to accept his illness and actively take steps to improve his situation. He begins using hypnosis to get into a deep trace like state. However this is only a temporary fix and decides to seek the help of a psychiatrist. Friends and family were a large part of supporting Scott and Nonie through their journey but they also were crucial in making them change their way of life in order to be more successful. Without the incentive yet encouragement it would be difficult for them to receive help. As the episode nears a close both seem to have made great progress and it appears that they are people living with an illness not letting the illness rule them. Scott is actively dating and learning has taken a job outside of his home. Nonie too has taken a job and is able to go out in public with her friends.

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