Low Testosterone

American society is focused on being young and fit and we have a lot of medications that promise to keep us that way. Many of the changes that are part of aging are now seen as diseases in themselves instead of part of the natural lifecycle of humans. For males, a decrease in testosterone is a normal part of aging. As men’s roles changed from hunter/warrior to village elder/leader as they age a natural decrease in testosterone occurred. It makes men better at child rearing and fitting into family life. In our society now men are expected to be vigorous and active well into their older years. Being fit and active is equated with being a good person. Conversely, not striving to be young and fit forever equates to failure and letting down those around you. Thus, taking medication for these symptoms makes you a better person, more successful, and more people will like you (both friends and potential mates). At the website www.isitlowt.com, they are symptomizing some of the natural changes seen in aging males. The commercial embedded in the lower left side of the site shows what they think of these changes and how they can negatively affect a man’s social life.

The commercial begins by showing shadow/silhouettes of men missing out on various activities. The implied body language shows these men as feeling down, and displaying distancing behavior. They are sitting on the sidelines as their lives go by. They imply that a lack of treatment could be hurting your significant other because of a decrease in libido. The wife they show is clearly unhappy though she doesn’t speak or interact with the shadow man. The shadow man misses out on basketball with his friends and interactions at what appears to be a business function. After the presumed treatment the shadow man becomes real and immediately interacts with attractive women who smile at him and greet him warmly. The only non-typical part of this commercial compared to other drug pitches is the lack of doctor visuals. The shadow men never go to the doctor. The voice over guy just talks about getting treatment and then the problem is solved by the shadow man becoming real. According to what is implied in the commercial, recognizing LowT as a problem and getting treatment will make you more successful and earn more money. It will make you a more responsible person/husband with greater sex drive and make you more masculine.

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