It seems as if the Pharmaceutical companies will try to convince the world that every single person has something wrong with them and that a pill could fix that. I have notices that in the past few years, I have seen a lot more commercials for medications to treat depression. This Cymbalta commercial that I found shows patients as experiencing pain, loneliness, and fatigue. I think that some people actually fall into the trap, that if you experience one symptom that is abnormal, then something is wrong with you and you need to immediately fix it. Though some of these medications actually do help quite a bit, others have serious side effects that can actually out weigh the benefits. This commercial in specific names a few such as nausea, dry mouth, constipation, and even increased risk of suicide! Now to me, that sounds like the exact opposite of what a person diagnosed with depression should be taking. There is no way, that I find it helpful to give a depressed individual a pill that could increase thoughts of suicide! That just makes me feel disgust toward the Pharmaceutical companies.

This commercial has several advertising strategies, but the one I found most interesting was that depression hurts everyone around you. While this is being said, it shows a mother not able to play with her daughter and it shows an up close view of the daughters sad face. It also states that depression hurts everywhere, mentally and physically. The music at first is a slow violin playing a sad tune, but when the drug is introduced the music becomes higher pitched. As the drug is explained, it talks about how the drug utilizes natural chemicals in the body to help reduce the physical pain. At the end of the commercial, it shows the patients now integrating themselves back into society. It shows a man playing happily with his dog, and an older man out to eat with a group of friends. The last few words is the most commonly heard words in all of the drug commercials. It says “Ask your doctor if Cymbalta is right for you.” I think that depression is a serious illness that could majorly affect a person’s life, however the Medicalization of depression has become so intense, that diagnosis’s are carelessly handed out that so many people are on these drugs that don’t even need them. People could experience horrible side effects for taking something that they don’t need to.

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