Erectile Dysfunction

In the Western culture, medication is part of our daily routine. Whether the medication is preventative, to cure, or for enhancement, at some point in time we all will take some form of medication. In our culture we strive for health. Even when an individual is healthy, we find ourselves looking to the future and taking  what we think are the necessary steps to prevent any illness in the future. We use medication for so many purposes, even to enhance performance, whether that be in the classroom or fitness facility. I think that this determination says a lot about our society. We are constantly trying to achieve success of some sort.

Viagra is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction which is when a male achieve or maintain an erection during intercourse. Viagra is advertised anywhere from commercials on cable television to magazines (especially magazines focused towards male readers). Cultural values and ideologies of this drug makes for an interesting conversation. As in the Pill Popper video, drugs like Viagra were first released to treat people with ED. As word got out of the drug, more and more males were claiming they had the dysfunction. Not only were individuals wanting the drug to cure ED but they were also wanting to use it for enhancement of performance (to last longer). Is it fair to attribute this rise to our culture? Our media such as movies and music portray men in sex roles as dominant and needing stamina for long periods of sexual intercourse. I find this commercial interesting because it focuses on the fact that this pill will make sexual intercourse more “satisfying” and depicts both male and female as happier and more adventurous. This is a great strategy but I feel that it leaves viewers with the misconception that Viagra will enhance sexual pleasure. When it comes to doctor patient interaction, in the United States patients must seek a physician or a pharmacist for a consultation which includes different testing for the patient. Most of the testing includes blood pressure and other blood tests as erections or lack thereof deal with the amount of blood flow to the area. As for the UK, Viagra and other similar drugs are over the counter drugs.

Viva Viagra Commercial

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  1. Melissa Brown says:

    I feel that cultural forces have required biomedical intervention for individuals with this disorder to. History may also play a minor role in the requirement of biomedicine intervention. However, culture has a very significant impact on the way an individual chooses to live with this disorder. In many cultures having sexual dysfunctions are unacceptable. This is considered abnormal in several different cultures. Beliefs and ideologies of one individual, usually represents the same beliefs and ideologies as the culture they identify themselves with. Every culture is based on traditions and values, so if having a sexual problem is not accepted within that culture then it may cause individuals to go out and seek biomedical intervention. In order to gain acceptance into your culture most will do anything, even if it means taking pills and other medicines to correct this “disorder.” We are always concerned with whether or not we will be accepted or considered normal within our culture. This is why most individuals with certain abnormalities seek biomedical intervention. They also fear the stigma they will receive for embarrassing disorders. Conrad, explains that most medical problems start off as non-medical and then transitions into medical due to certain factors. In the case of erectile dysfunction this factor is culture. If a culture was acceptant of this disorder then most individuals would not seek biomedical intervention because this is considered a norm within that culture.

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