Erectile Dysfunction

“Over the course of your lifetime you will be prescribed 14,000 pills..” (Pill Poppers). The role of medication in society is to keep you healthy longer but more importantly, quicker. For example, antibiotics are suppose to speed up the recovery of something like tonsillitis or an infection instead of letting your body naturally fight off the infection. This shows that the ideology of being treated means quickly and the most easy way, which often leads to pills or tablets.

Medications often can go wrong, and often have different side effects for different people. This shows that our society is willing to take a pill that could possibly make us feel worse in the long run, but take the chance for the “quick fix.” As stated in the film “Pill Poppers,” the people who design the drug do not know exactly what the side effects will be until people try the drug. Often times, they don’t know the exact side effects in the long run.

I decided to conduct a media analysis on a Viagra commercial. In the commercial, the company is trying to make the drug seem more appealing by saying that it is the most prescribed erectile dysfunction medication and that sex will become much better when taking it. The commercial shows that in our society, a happy marriage means having sex and that erectile dysfunction could get in the way of peoples marriages. In the commercial, the woman is standoffish with her husband until her husband makes the move to get treated. At the end of the commercial, it says to “spend some quality time with” which is trying to get the consumer to go learn about the medication themselves. Also, it says to go see a doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for the medication. This shows that doctors have the expert knowledge and authority to treat this condition.

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  1. J. Brodie Timms-Fryer says:

    Erectile dysfunction is a problem, and a problem requires a solution, thus we have Viagra. I think it is safe to say our culture really values the sexual experience whether it is completely and overtly displayed, like in this particular advertisement, or more subtly by the inundation of sexually desirable figures that the majority will never attain. As this is geared to the aging population given the portrayed age of the actors in the ad, is erectile dysfunction really that much of an illness or just wear of time on aging man’s body? Whether or not it is a legitimate illness, like I said, it is a problem for those who have it and want to have sex. Maybe years ago when people hit a certain age they simply stopped having sex but that is an age passed because now we have the remedy to something we used to simply accept, Viagra.
    This is similar to what we read in the Conrad article in which the diagnosis for adult ADHD was expanded. Whether or not you chose to really believe in the diagnoses, there was a problem that was solved, regardless of the veracity of the problem at hand. This is analogous to what I have said about erectile dysfunction almost completely. What we may consider as personality quirks or odd physiological manifestations, perhaps one day aging itself, we may eventually come to accept as problem and find a solution. Viva Viagra!

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