Biomedicine has become a major focus in western culture, taking into account every way to make your symptoms of pain and stress vanquish with a pill or fabricated medicinal solution. Culturally, biomedicine is structured around the present want to stay healthy and happy despite some of the rather unorthodox ways in which we treat illnesses. Biomedicine is an intricate system of institutions including financially, politically, psychologically, etc. creating much controversy including the involvement of ethical sides as well. There are many financial aspects that include the commercialization and promotion of many different biomedical services.

The dichotomy involved in this situation with life and death can be quite complex with regards to ethics as a vast amount of the biomedical treatment used to treat life threatening illness can cause difficult controversy. For example, when put on life support or if an individual experiences traumatic events resulting in a coma, who dictates responsibility for the individuals medical actions when they are unconscious. These become very complex situations that create in depth ethical dilemmas while our diverse western culture has many different views on what is the “right” decision for someone. To me, this becomes a matter of who the individual is and the nature specific to their views of life and death. Since dramatic episodes can create emotional spikes, it is difficult what biomedical attention is necessary and when the actions should be taken. It seems to me that every case will be unique to each individual, however I feel the logical sense of our western culture is to take action from immediate family with meaningful reasoning regarding the individuals best interests. The truth in these situations is that things do not always follow the best interests of the individual and then political institutions may intervene at times, creating controversial hearings in which our culture may react with emotional and irrational distress.

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