Adult ADHD

Medications play an extremely heavy role in the American society.  From head aches to child birth prevention, Americans look to medication and supplements to fix their problems.  Our culture values health so much that the approach we take is immediate or as fast as possible cures.  Our society is heavily dependent on pill medications whether it is good or bad, that is for you to determine.  For some people pills can be life saving, while for others just life enhancing. In one of the lecture we watched this week, a middle aged woman mentions she takes 15 pills daily to stay alive.  Are all 15 of those pills life saving? Or are a couple of them truly unnecessary for living and taken just to improve quality of life living with a medical condition that may have side effects? Our culture places a huge importance on quality of life, and this is why I believe medication usage is very high in our country.


The link above takes you to an adult Vyvanse informational page about adult ADHD.  The man pictured next to the information makes the page more appealing to people considering medical treatment for ADHD.  He is an attractive man, dressed nicely and has fashionable glasses on that make him look like he is a average to an above average working man in our society.  The strategy of using this man for advertisement is trying to make people feel that people that look like they are well off in life can be suffering from ADHD.  The ad wants you to feel that average looking people can be suffering just like yourself.  The information presented on the page is presented in a way that an adult with not very much education can understand.  With bold prints and bullets it is an appeasing page to read. The website and webpage make you feel at ease, that there is an easy fix and help for ADHD.

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