Erectile Dysfunction

Medication in the United States has become an essential part of our daily lives. The concept of medicalization and biomedicalization can really be examined through medication. Especially with drugs like Viagara that are used for men struggling with erectile dysfunction. The video “Pill Poppers” highlights these concepts through Viagara. Medicalization is defined, in lecture, as the control over bodies and behaviors through medical interventions. This was the purpose for men with ED who sought viagara, to gain control over there bodies in order for it to match their behaviors. However, the video interestingly pointed out a statistic about men who use Viagara. There are about nine percent of men who have a chronic condition of ED, but yet it is the most prescribed drug in the world. This is where the concept of biomedicaliztion is observed. Defined in lecture as the enhancement of bodies and behaviors through medical intervention, men who “occasionally” experience ED now seek the drug in order to always be the best lover possible. The normal man experiences ED occasionally, but advertisements and cultural beliefs are pressuring men to be consistently flawless in bed with the help of Viagara. As heavily discussed in Taz’s video, women now feel shamed almost by a naturally occuring process of their bodies. This is mirrored with men and ED for they are almost shamed for ever experiencing ED, even though it is very normal for it to happen. In our culture, men who can’t “perform” are seen as unhealty, unsuccessful and lacking confidence. This notion is being used by advertisements in order to sell more Viagara.

In the ad I provided, they try to relate to the man explaining that almost half of men over 40 have experienced ED. In the title they show our cultural values, that a young man is a prime age of sexual stamina: “Who says men peak at 18?”. The dog that looks sad because he didt get his walk represents the social roes of a man, that pleasing your woman should come as a prioriety. The only medical information they provide isn’t much, but gives future consumers actual numbers tthat represent timme of effectiveness. The ad however does plug the doctor patient relationship by mentioning that is prescribed to 23 million men and that potntial patients should just talk ┬áto their doctor to get a sampler.

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