Erectile Dysfunction

Welcome to America, land of the free and home to every type of drug you could ever possibly need. If there is something wrong with you, just take a pill and it will be fixed! Medicalization is used to actually cure a problem and not cause any more problems for you. Biomedicalization is mostly used to “fix” things that aren’t necessarily problems, and may cause actual problems in the long run. This is what infomercials advertise to consumers trying to make some cash off their lack of knowledge, or care for long term risks. There is so much importance on being better now and enjoying life that many people are willing to risk any potential long term health factors always thinking “it won’t happen to me”. Some advertisers have even started pushing birth control pills as anti-menstruation pills, saying that menstruation is an illness that you should be trying to fix. They address you as if you are an expert already and perhaps you just didn’t know you wanted their product yet.

Smiling Bob Enzyte Commercial

In this commercial it shows a guy named Bob who cannot stop smiling and seems care free after getting on enzyte to help his erectile dysfunction. This commercial is saying that have erectile dysfunction doesn’t just affect your bedroom, it affects your every day life. The commercial states that by taking enzyte it boosted his self confidence, self esteem, and even his wife’s mood. Enzyte actually helps everyone around you by making yourself happier! Any actual medical information was presented in small white text at the beginning of the commercial for a short amount of time. There are also no doctor-patient interactions in these commercials. It just focuses on one main thing: your happiness. Anything else that could possibly happen is not important and the general mood of the commercial almost makes it believable that nothing bad could ever happen to that cool guy Bob.

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