Erectile Dysfunction

It is undeniable how big of a role both medicalization and biomedicalization played in this societies up-bringing. Medicalization, now over come by biomedicalization more or less, was more about the doctor and what your physician said was right for you to take as far as medicines go. The doctors prescribed these with the ideology of curing the patient and if the patient was in need of these pills, they would be given. For example as referenced in the materials the antibiotic development and how doctors said this would change everything in which it did and saved many lives. Now, the idea biomedicalization  has taken over the pill world. People are taking pills for the idea of enhancement. It seems to be almost all from the patients point of view and almost disregarding the doctors. The idea of enhancement was in order to live a healthy life and be as much compared to the “normal” or what people what to believe is the “normal”. If someones lacking the smallest amount of performance with respect to almost any bodily function, there’s a pill for it. Our culture and society has been so exposed to these pills that people don’t necessarily need these drugs to survive, but they’ve relied on them so much that they feel like they can live without them. For example at the beginning of the pill poppers video, it stuck out to me that a woman, said she “takes 15 pills a day to keep alive”. With all of the media being advertised about each drug and each benefit to the pills, people can essentially self diagnose cutting out the doctor.

Erectile Dysfunction can be considered a condition that is highly biomedicalized these days. The problem that may occur in aging men, seems to be one of the most highly advertised conditions out there that can be “treated” pharmacologically. The ad I found was for Enzyte, a natural male enhancement for erectile dysfunction. The ad documents a man who seems overly happy going through is everyday social roles because he found out about this pharmaceutical. The ad goes on to claim that “he has had a boost in confidence, a little more self esteem, and a very happy Mrs. at home.” Obviously they are trying to make it sound convincing and that an overall better life will be achieved with this pill. There wasn’t any information about the drug except information about how to learn more about it. Lastly, nothing was said about a doctor-patient interaction having to take place.

Find the Enzyte commercial here…

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