Erectile Dysfunction

Medications have been a core part of American society since the 1950’s with the creation of antibiotics as was mentioned in lecture 5.2. Prior to 1985 there was a totally different concept about medications, they were used to bring the body back to a “normal” disease free state, this is known as medicalization. Recently, from 1985 to present there has been an new concept of biomedicalization where it takes medications to the next level. Not only do these new medications bring you back to health but they also enhance the human body and increase efficiency. This transition from medicalization to biomedicalization directly reflects the values and ideologies about health, well being and success of the United States. Health has a high value to Western culture and the people will obtain optimal health at almost any cost. Americans also seem to have a hunger for “better” that is never satisfied, they not only want to be healthy but we want to be beyond healthy, almost super human.   An example of going above and beyond in seen in the Cialis commercial in the link below, not only does it provide a solution for erectile dysfunction but it goes beyond what is necessary for normal function and can last up to 36 hours.

The advertising strategies used for the Cialis commercial is to appeal to both existing consumer as well as new users. It directly states how it works “faster and lasts longer” than other erectile dysfunction pills these added would appeal to the existing consumers as well as new consumers looking for a solution to their disorder. In the commercial they use an attractive older man and woman, most likely because sex appeal is a huge to American culture; its almost as though they are trying to say “if you use Cialis you will have more sex appeal too”. In the commercial the man is very confident and they even verbally mention this as well; I think the tactic there was using social roles showing that men need to confident and they meet this social role by taking Cialis. They present the medical information in a friendly manner, in this direct-to-consumer advertisement, almost like a friend would who is helping out another friend. I feel as though this is a tactic used by many medication companies to lure in new consumers who soon become new patients.

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