General Anxiety Disorder

In a lifetime more then 1 out of every 10 people in the United States statistically will suffer from Anxiety like symptoms. Most of these people do not seek medical attention. Excessive worry and stress are likely the main factor that leads to experiencing such feelings.  Mental illness often occurs in multiple illness coinciding at the same time. It is common to see a case of depression along with anxiety and other panic type illnesses with in the same patient. As such, they are normally treated similarly with like medications that overlap and cover a broad spectrum of mental illnesses.

 Those who watch TV are constantly bombarded with ads of medication that supposedly calm or relax the symptoms of GAD.  Using generic symptoms companies make everyone seem that they can could use the medicine in their life to make them feel better when the fact is that it is normal to experience anxiety symptoms. Quickly listing the long amount of negative side effects that are typical, the risks sometimes outweigh the benefits. Smiling doctors and patients are always depicted showing a joyful time in the doctor office, which is rarely the case in real life. Many of these medications are used to treat several disorders that are intermixed within one another. Such medicines include, “Effexor XR” or  “Cymbalta” they claim supposed treatment of illness like, but not limited to; Depressions, Anxiety, Chronic pain and or fibromyalgia.

The processes and thoughts that are presented from the commercials of the above the stated medicines, describe these illness as something that needs to be addressed immediately.  In most patients the symptoms do need to be addressed as soon as possible to stop possible self harm but I feel as if some anxiety is good for you and in the same aspect as stress, small amount makes situations and life contain pressure which is necessary to achieve goals.  More recently there has been a large outpouring for the need of expanded mental health testing and therapy for those in need.  Throwing medicine at the patient has been the go to for most physicians that treat patients with mental illnesses, when pills are not always the answer for treating and absolving mental illness.



Here is a Zoloft commercial, a type of antidepressant that has made questionalbe commercial in the past.



Source: CDC. Current Depression Among Adults –United States, 2006 and 2008. MMWR 2010;59(38);1229-1235.


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  1. Joseph Wallace says:

    I liked how you described the interlinking of the other mental illnesses with general anxiety, and how patients are often prescribed medications that cover a wide spectrum of symptoms. I believe this gives rise to the difficulty of treating these illnesses, and has driven the re-shaping of general anxiety disorder in our society. I believe that anxiety is a real and hindering illness. I also believe, however, that it is easy for someone to experience natural symptoms and claim to have anxiety. With the way medications that cover multiple illnesses are thrown at us like they are, it is difficult to focus in only on anxiety. I also believe that this bombardment that you mentioned could actually add to someone’s level of anxiety. For example, one who has it badly may be overwhelmed by the number of different medications and having to decide on one, adding to their symptoms. I also think that the bombardment of medication ads has a negative affect on people who do not actually have anxiety. For instance, picture a situation in which someone experiencing natural symptoms just so happens to hear a commercial like the Zoloft one you attached. After hearing a few of their symptoms matching, they could be inclined to look deeper into that medication, even though it may not be necessary. I believe that culture and many other factors play a role in how anxiety as well as other mental disorders in our society are perceived. Good post!

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