It is funny when you think about biomedicine and culture being mentioned in the same sentence. The reason being that, when you initially think about biomedicine you think something thats not subjective, something thats straight to the facts when referring to ones body biologically. Although this may seem to be the case, culture still happens to play a large part in the biomedicine system. In particularly with the development of the biomedicine system and how each part of the human biology was and continues to be unraveled. Discoveries along the way throughout history led to some division amongst the biomedicine industry such as mass production of antibiotics and human genetics. Forcing people to take their own approach how these at the time newly formed concepts. Also even now and days with how each licensed physician goes about their practice can be contributed to their “culture”. For example an one orthopedic surgeon may prefer doing a hamstring graft when performing an ACL reconstruction whereas one may prefer to go with a patellar graft. It’s ultimately up to that doctor and what he/she feels the most comfortable with and if the patient is along for the ride.

As for the dichotomy of life or death, many different view points may be taken on this and all depends on how each individual person decides to perceive the topic. Sure there’s a few distinct medical definitions for what it means to be pronounced dead, but when you bring technology and new advancements into play it really brings up questions of ethics. Personally, I believe a person is and should be considered dead if they stop breathing, their heart stops pumping, and have no cerebral function. When technology is supporting these functions, is the person really dead? Would they be able to do these things with out the help of a machine? At that point it truly comes down to like I said ethics and culture, what each individual person believes. That way I believe this dichotomy exists and is accepted, because everyone has their own views and are entitled to those views.

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