Obesity has been a big health concern, specifically in America. The lifestyles we pursue often demand that we neglect parts of our lives to compensate for time we don’t have. Often times, this neglect goes toward food and our diet.  The issue faced with this problem is that the wanted results take time and effort, and people sometimes aren’t willing to put in either of those. Medications such as diet pills that promise weight loss instantaneously. This says that our culture demands immediacy when it comes to medical results. This wellbeing we look for is not just for health purposes but also for image and social status.  Someone who is within a reasonable weight or is physically fit is considered successful, as compared to someone who is obese and considered undesirable or unsuccessful.



This commercial is directed towards women mainly, and how their image in society is perceived. Slim women are deemed attractive, so men find them desirable, and women set the standard for attractive to be skinny. The weight loss commercial for xendarine shows that these people are happy and successful, and that they are well liked by their peers and enjoying themselves. The commercial identified with people who want to fit in with a group, and is coined the weight loss revolution. At the end of the commercial, the narrorator says, “join the revolution”, as if by not joining you are missing out on something big.  The medical information itself is presented by only the final result, and says very little about any side effects or medical conditions. The disclaimer at the bottom is small and hard to read. But again, this appeals to the audience, because they think in the short term. The problem is weight, and here is a pill that requires little to no dieting or exercise that eliminates that problem.

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