Medications in America are no longer this drug will be developed for this disease that already exists. In the video Pill Poppers they referenced the phrase create it and they will come which describes the pharmaceutical and consumer relationship. If a drug is created and marketed to a target group many more people will visit a doctor for the condition than originally anticipated. This was first seen when Prozac and other antidepressants were created because now society accepted mental illness and depression more often because there is a “cure” for it. Before the creation of these medications most individuals suffered through their symptoms in private. Our culture now wants a quick fix for anything any ailment even if the symptoms are temporary. If a medication can offer that fix more and more people will take advantage of it. The other problem is that our society is so informed about their own health through WEBMD and other sources but many of the symptoms are so general that people seek out a physician and look for this medication because they believe they have that condition. An example of these blanketed symptoms is in the case of PMDD from the birth control lecture. Increased irritability, appetite, bloating, mood swings these can manifest in men as well but there is no biological way men could have this condition.

It has become so common to treat with medication first rather than other remedies such as diet or exercise because that is what people are looking for. In the case of sleeplessness there is a difference between temporary trouble sleeping because of a stressful situation and a chronic insomnia. Most people suffer from sleeplessness but want a sleep aid because not sleeping is causing them to develop anxiety. This is explained in the first video below by Janet Kennedy, a psychologist, as to why sleep aid should carefully consider before using. The commercial for the sleep aid Lunesta begins with asking Will your restless mind be keeping you awake tonight? It is an extremely peaceful commercial with few words on the screen just a soft voice delivering the message.   Everything that is listed running through this man’s head keeping him from sleeping is because of a stressful situation. Most likely this man if he was real would be using the drug temporarily but it is stated that it is approved for long-term use. Based on the previous video sleep aids for restless minds should not be long-term fix because they can be so addictive and the side effects are risky. The butterfly in this commercial fly’s over a large city making it seem like everyone has trouble sleeping and this pill can help.  It begins with a man alone in bed and ends with a woman awake with her partner and as soon as the butterfly touches her she is asleep. This also addresses the instantaneous solution to our problems that our culture places a high value on.

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