One of the major and fast producing global problems we face today is AIDS and HIV. Especially in third world countries. They either do not know much of the issue or epidemic, or are too poor to do anything about it. One area that is heavily affecting the way of living is in Malawi. In 2005, the highest levels of population living or infected with the virus was in Urban areas. Now with time and the education increasing within these somewhat developing areas the percentage has decreased from 20% to 10%. But the Rural areas are increasing steadily. This is because there is no education, no development, no available resources for them. Just this past month, there was a seminar held for three days in Malawi. This was for leaders of the country and helpers from other countries to stand together and take action on what can be done to help slow the spread and hopefully get a way to prevent it. “Three main issues were debated during the two days: the need to harness shifting global and domestic resource flows for health; trade, innovation and commodity security; and the democratization of global health” (UNAIDS). Their main focus was to unite and work together to achieve the goal of moving from AIDS to sustainable health. One way they have looked at was to get a political and moral commitments from rich or more developed countries to help overcome the global barriers of resources that some of the areas do not have access or resources available to them. And another major point was for them to help witht the movement of some kind of effort from other countries to help reduce hunger and poverty. With these couple of major steps, slowly they can be able to start educating people and communities and get on the right path to success. One step at a time is needed to take place in order to achieve the main goal. Hopefully with this starting, we can see an effective approach and with this moving successfully, we can start using these ideas and strategies and applying them to other countries and change a bit of few things to fit a particular issue within that area and see a positive change overall.

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