Clinical Anthropology

I have chosen to focus on clinical anthropology because it relates most to what I want to do in the future and because I’m very interested in working with people from different cultures outside of the US. I would like to be able to help create policies and be the mediator for patients from outside cultures who are seeking medical treatment in the US. I think cultures outside of the western culture are severely misunderstood, and I think that creates a huge barrier in between the medical cultures of different nations and areas. I want to take down that barrier and bridge together outside cultures and the medical practices of outside cultures with the medical practices of the US. Also, as I said in my intro post, I would love to get the opportunity to practice medicine in Africa. Being a clinical anthropologist in this situation would be beneficial as I would be able to bring knowledge of the medical practices here over to Africa and perhaps take some practices I learn in Africa and apply them back in the US. I just think medicine is too separate these days between cultures and I believe they should overlap more.

I think taking an anthropological view as a doctor is very useful when dealing with patients who come from a culture different from the American culture. This class and especially the materials this week have helped me realize that knowing a culture and patient before applying medical practices to their situation is super important in guaranteeing that they get the best treatment. Anthropologists address the patient as an individual, not as someone just suffering from cancer. If a patient is used to medical treatment from a different culture, anthropologists will get them that required treatment. It’s important to treat every patient as their own person in order to give them the proper medical treatment.

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