Famine in Somalia

The people of Somalia are going through what is thought to be the worst drought in sixty years, it has destroyed a vast amount of crops and has left around twelve million people at risk of starving. According to the United States reports, the drought had killed more than 29,000 under the age of five in a short 90 days. About forty percent of the Somalian population is believed to be in need of immediate lifesaving assistance. The biggest political factor that is thought to facilitate this famine in Somalia is the presence of U.S. policy. There have been a number of instances where food shipments have come into the region and gunfights and small wars have broken out. Other nations have collectively failed at getting aid into the areas that need it most. There is a professor named David Himmelgreen from the University of South Florida, Anthropology Department who has done extensive research regarding nutrition, food plans, chronic disease, and security in Africa. A really interesting point that professor Himmelgreen touched on is that there are early warning systems which can detect a famine that will soon occur by identifying indicators and can tell these things months in advance. However, due to the politics amongst all the nations there was an inability for them to act.

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