Global Health!

Global health applies to my personal interest because I love to travel and I would like to help underserved communities in the future. I plan to serve underserved communities in the United States and then branch out to other countries. I believe that global is important because there are illnesses that affect more than one country; therefore the more developed countries can assist the undeveloped countries by providing them with similar techniques to tackle the illness. Also, global health can be used to decline the incidence of sickle cell anemia in Africa. In Africa, most of the citizens do not have access to screening programs for the sickle cell trait. There is a huge difference in the number of children dying in Africa than in the United States because they do not have screening programs and the advanced medical procedures.

An anthropologist is very important for a global health program to be successful. If I was an anthropologist, I would perform field work and research by living, working, and socializing with the community to learn about their everyday life to gain the communities trsut. Moreover, the applied medical anthropologist lecture states that survey allow anthropologist to learn about the communities cultural and biological beliefs of the illness; therefore I would use surveys. Then, I would use the community’s cultural and political sectors to learn about the barriers to solving the health issue to formulate a plan to tackle the specific disease. I would learn about the communities health system to understand when do they seek out treatment for the illness and the type of treatment. In addition, I would use data from other communities suffering from the same illness to reveal similarities and differences. Then, I would use the communities cultural, biological, and political beliefs to produce a viable plan.

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