Poor Sanitation in India

A major health risk in India is that of poor sanitation dealing with the lack of facilities, proper sanitation and sanitary techniques, and also awareness of health risks due to unsanitary environments. The article I reviewed specifically deals with sanitation of public elementary school toilets and bathrooms as well as the pupils attending. The problems that these elementary and secondary senior schools face are not only the lack of sanitary facilities, but the lack of education, information, and overall awareness of how facilities should be regarding correct sanitary standards. The origins of this are of course in dealing with the political aspects of India’s sanitation code and facilities built for these schools. The nation is expected to campaign and advertise awareness of the effects that poor sanitation can have and the diseases and health risks associated as well. NGOs will be appointed by state government or district administration to implement sanitary education and proper facilities necessary to meet the needs of the schools. There is much more necessary to keep these facilities running than just the NGOs actions as follow ups and effective communication involved will contribute to aid the implementation of standards and facilities. The anthropologists involved in this situation have demonstrated the information present and have made awareness of this problem to the nation and the areas surveyed as part of their study. It was shown in this study that there were enough toilets and facilities in most of the schools that were involved in this study, however there are many of those that did not have necessary functioning or maintenance which is just as crucial to the health of the pupils in the schools. Through the anthropologists conducted study of insufficient education and procedures of proper sanitation that the government and appointed NGOs will be using the correct techniques and instruction studied to aid these elementary and secondary senior schools to proper standards of sanitation.

Kumar, Abhimunyu and Taunk, Anshu. A study of sanitation of toilets in elementary and senior secondary schools located in rural areas of Uttarakhand state in India. Academic journals, 2010. http://www.academicjournals.org/ijsa/PDF/pdf2010/October/Kumar%20and%20Taunk%20pdf.pdf

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