Public Health and Medical Anthropology

I chose public health and medical anthropology because I hope to one day be working in the public health system, so it is important that I understand their procedures and job description thoroughly. I would love a career in the field that would include solving health care issues in the public, because I believe it is a major issue amongst our society. I believe using an anthropologists view on different health care issues would benefit the system by looking at all aspects. A medical anthropologist may look at certain aspects that a doctor would not. An anthropologist in the field may look at all the angles and dimensions of an epidemic or disease. These angles include ways in which culture and society are organized around or influenced by issues of health,and health care related issues. Studying certain ways people interact in their culture may be beneficial as well. Looking at all of these angles would be extremely important in public health, such as running a hospital, because it could change how the hospital decides to treat their patients more efficiently. A certain strategy may be more efficient for certain cultures more than others, and anthropologists can give their input on the most efficient strategies for that specific culture. Anthropology is largely based on  studies of society and population, so it is important that they are involved in public health decisions to better suit everyone. Each community needs personalized advice to better serve the people at their specific hospital, and anthropologists can deliver that information. Referrnig to the article on “Anthropologists and the Public Health Agenda” explains how the world of healthcare can benefit greatly from these alternative approaches anthropologists can deliver. The article also explains how the CDC greatly benefits from these anthropologists collecting field data and the trends associated with hiring more workers in this field.

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  1. Zack Riem says:

    I also chose public health, I feel as if the most beneficial way to treat the masses is to understand an approach that looks at all the angles that are available. This results in a larger spectrum of data that can be pulled from to find the best way to approach a situation. Many problems that are health related in which the masses encounter are intermixed and not just a single cause or sickness. Most need to be treated from different directions and thought processes in order to successfully helped.

    I like how you pointed out that each community will need their own specifics in order to cater to the available healthcare providers in their area. Local customs and comforts that a prevalent to the communities are important to help the ease of access of healthcare to them. Understandable that public health can overlook some groups of people, but it has to be remembered that the point of public health is to ensure the well being of the masses, with the ability to care for all. There is no perfect way of going about the health of people but the idea public health and its wide variety of views, I feel is the best way to go about it.

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