Future Doctor

Hey everyone my name is Vanessa Salmo I just recently walked in May and I am finishing up my last class here at MSU (Kinda sorta really sad to say!) I majored in Human Biology and had a specialization in Bioethics, Humanities, and Society. I have never taken an anthro class but it was suggested to my by a friend in a previous class I took. This summer summer is actually been crazy busy so far. I applied for what I felt like was a million jobs and heard back from one which was an immediate start. I have been traveling back and forth from East Lansing to Metro Detroit a lot lately because of it. I am originally from the Troy area so I am luck that I am able to stay with family until my lease is up in Aug in EL. I have three brothers and they are tons of fun. Moving back home my main focus was to be surrounded by family again which I am excited about after 4 years away.

I posted this picture because it is my motto haha! I try my very very hardest to do my best whether it be school, work, volunteering, etc. I do this with the ultimate goal of being a physician. Everyone needs a break and when I take breaks or else you’ll burn out. I typically like to hang out with friends and family and just have some fun!

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