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Hello everyone, my name is Sultan Qiblawi, I am currently a senior, and I am studying Human Biology with a specialization in Bioethics, Humanities, and Society. I am in the middle of applying to medical school and I will be graduating in December of 2014. During the Fall and Spring terms I am an RA and conduct inorganic chemistry research at the Chemistry Building. I have previously taken a course that focused on anthropology as a freshman as integrated social science (ISS) credit. I am taking this class to fulfill one of my last requirements for my specialization, but also because I am interested in learning more about how health and culture are related. I am interested to learn more about medical anthropology and I feel that I will really enjoy learning about human health and disease in the context of this course.


I am a huge basketball fan, and I find myself spending a lot of my time either playing it with friends or watching it on TV. As a kid I picked basketball as a hobby and I really stuck with it as a form of relaxation and socialization. In high school, I was on varsity basketball and in college I still organize some IM teams with friends and with people on my floor. I have a great deal of fun playing any kind of organized sports, mostly football, basketball, and volleyball, so I did not want to limit my title to “basketball enthusiast.” Recently, I have not been able to play as competitively as I used to because I injured my knees in high school, but I still find a considerable amount of enjoyment from playing sports with friends. I chose to post a picture of Michael Jordan, because he embodies the sport, is my favorite player, and is the best player of all time.

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  1. Taz Karim says:

    Hi Sultan – welcome to the course! I am glad to hear you have an interest in bioethics, there will be a lot on this course that will pique your interest in that area. Fun fact: in 2010 my IM outdoor soccer team was first place in the grad/faculty league. It is important to hold on to that work/play balance, especially in graduate school/med school when things can get really stressful!

  2. Tyler says:

    Hi Sultan- Those are quite the specialties, what got you interested in those particular specialties? Good luck with your applications to med school. I also enjoy playing basketball as well as watching. I’m a Pistons fan who do you root for?

  3. blazeje4 says:

    Hi Sultan, I too share an interest in many group sports and have played IM volleyball and softball. I am human biology (pre dental) major and understand it is not always easy to find time for hobbies such as team sports such as those we played in high school which can take up hours of time. However when you can find the time it sure is nice to get your mind off intense biology classes which seem to consume our days! Good luck with the course and your pursuit into medical school!!

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