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Hello everyone!  My name is Naomi Fleischmann and I am a sophomore studying Zoology with concentrations in Neurobiology and Animal Behavior, and Zoo and Aquarium Science.  I am also a pre-vet student, and I am hoping to go to Michigan State for graduate school.  I am obsessed with all sorts of animals, which one could probably tell just based on my major.  I love going to zoos, but I also love spending time with domesticated animals.  I have been working at a small animal veterinary hospital this summer, and I am extremely appreciative of the experiences I am able to have there.  I don’t have any experience in anthropology, but when I saw this course I thought that it might be beneficial to have under my belt before heading into the medical field.


I took the above picture about five years ago when I was in Cambridge, Canada at the African Lion Safari.  This baby baboon climbed onto my car as my father and I were driving through the exhibit.  My father and I were lucky that only one baboon decided to climb onto our car, but another guest of the safari was not as fortunate and had his side-view mirror ripped off by a troop of baboons.

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  1. Paige Smith says:

    Hi Naomi! It’s great that you’re doing something that you love. Animals are wonderful and interesting and I am sure that you will be successful on your endeavors. I have not been to the zoo in a really long time and I think I should make it a point to go soon 🙂 Good Luck with everything!

  2. Taz Karim says:

    Hi Naomi- welcome to the course! Although Anthropology is the study of people, there is a whole body of literature that looks at human-animal interactions since they are a big part of our culture. I actually had a student do their weebly website project last year on Rabies, which was out of the box, but so interesting!

  3. Connor DeMars says:

    Hey Naomi! That’s awesome that your working with animals, I have a few friends who are in a similar field. I love animals as well and your major sounds very interesting. I haven’t been to the zoo in forever, but after seeing that picture I think I want to!

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