Current NCA, Future PA

Hi my name is Tyler Lambert. I am major in Human Biology and will be graduating this summer! My long term goal is to become a Physicians assistant. I love patient care.

Currently I work at Covenant healthcare in Saginaw as a nursing care assistant. I really enjoy taking care of people. I like the variety of patients/conditions I get to deal with on a given day. While I was living on campus I worked for a home care company in Lansing. Seeing the positive attitudes and progression people make when recovering from illness or injury is very rewarding and something I truly enjoy. The first hand experiences in the hospital has really reaffirmed my goals to become a PA.

Once I’m graduated form MSU I would like to look in pharmaceutical opportunities before continuing to become a PA. I think it would give me a difference perspective of the medical field and ultimately help me become a successful PA.

I don’t have any anthropology experience before this class. I’m taking this class to complete my graduation requirements but also get a broader more complete understanding of health and culture. After looking at the course outline a bit more I’m excited to see what will happen with the website project over the course.

Tyler pic

The picture I included is of my older brothers and sister and myself (right). Besides being a great support system and some of my best friends my brother Jake (tall one) is getting married this summer. They live in North Dakota so it will be great to spend some time with family over a nice occasion.

In my free time I like to try and stay active, play basketball or workout. I’m in a beach volleyball league for the summer. Huge Detroit sports fan , basketball, football and baseball. I look forward to meet you all and to a great but quick semester.

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  1. Taz Karim says:

    Hi Tyler – great to see you online! I think its interesting that there are so many people this semester who have worked with the elderly. I think you will really enjoy our week on the illness experience because it centers on your interest in patient care. I am also really pleased that you are excited about the weebly assignment – I created it last summer and it was one of my favorite assignments to grade – EVER.

  2. hillmori says:

    Hello Tyler, I am Moriah. It’s amazing to see someone interested in being a Physician’s Assistant and it is even more interesting to see that we are taking similar routes! I also work with the elderly right now and enjoy it the most, to be able to help someone do something that they may feel they are incapable of doing is definitely rewarding. Congratulations on you graduating this summer and I wish the best of luck to you on your journey to becoming a PA.

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