Danyelle the Helper

Hi everyone, my name is Danyelle and I picked my title mainly because of who I am. I feel a great sense of satisfaction from knowing that I made someone’s life a little bit easier. I started out doing community service and such because I need it for med school but get an overwhelming amount of fulfillment from it. I recently came across a quote that says “Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier,” and I am in love with it. These beliefs have led me to the conclusion that I should be a doctor; to help people who are in need. I used to be pre-optometry but decided to take it one step further to ophthalmology. The eyes are my favorite part of the body, and having such bad eyesight my whole life, they are completely intriguing to me.

So I am a junior majoring in IDS (a social science major). In case anyone doesn’t know this – you can apply to med school with any major you want. I have even heard of people applying with art and music majors. Social science is a strong point for me so I figured I would take advantage of it.

I know that medical schools like to see that we have taken this class so I signed up for it, and I am very interested to see what it entails because I have no experience with anthropology whatsoever. The only familiarity I have with the subject is through an acquaintance. She says she really like it.


Family, friends, Coby.

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  1. Hannah Porter says:

    Hi Danyelle, I’m Hannah and I just wanted to say I completely understand the feeling of fulfillment that volunteering can bring and I really liked the quote you shared. I also have had terrible vision my entire life and I think your future career will be an interesting one and I wish you the best of luck!

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