Dr. Dae is what they say!


Hello everyone!

My name is Shardae I am completing my second degree in Human biology. I will be finished with my degree after I complete genetics. I took this class as well because my advisor suggest the course. She said I would enjoy it and it would be nice to take.  I took a anthropology class my freshman year it was very interesting. It was for a IAH requirement.  I want to become a orthopedic surgeon. I’m currently studying for the MCAT which is challenging however I’m confident that I will do well.


I enjoy reading, I want to try wheel throwing this summer which should be cool. I’m very outgoing, I like to smile, I enjoy meeting new people!




I love quotes! They encourage me to keep striving




I recently lost my mom several months ago. I really miss her but she is my motivation to keep going!

She used to call me Dr.Dae so now everyone else does lol.

I think ink that this class is pretty cool to blog and learn different methods to make the world more aware of medicine and culture.



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