Graduating in December! & Horses

Hello!! My name is Breanna Ramsay and I am an Anthropology major with specializations in Bioethics, Humanities and Society and Global Public Health and Epidemiology. I am a senior and will be graduating in December! I am currently looking into different Public Health programs for my graduate education.

My experience with anthropology actually started in high school. My school offered anthropology as an elective and I instantly fell in love with the class and decided to further my education in the field at the collegiate level. I have taken many anthropology courses and have found myself using what I have learned in those courses to bring an anthropological perspective into my Public Health and Epidemiology courses. I am taking this class because medical anthropology is the sub-field of anthropology I have come to have the greatest interest in and I want to further my knowledge of the field.

Horses are a HUGE part of my life and I have been fortunate enough to get a second horse while in college. I am a part of MSU’s Dressage club and have had the opportunity to bring one of my horses to MSU with me this past year. I have had my first horse for 10 years and just got my second one in November 2013. I compete with both horses, so when I am not in class or working, I am at the barn with both of my horses.

Snickers (my first horse):

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Bandon (my newest buddy and ex-racehorse)



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  1. Taz Karim says:

    Hi Breanna – welcome to the course! Your horses are beautiful. Thats great that you have some anthro experience coming in, I think the rest of the class can benefit from your background. Which public health programs are you applying to? I have some past research assistants who are now in the University of Michigan program and they seem to really enjoy it.

  2. Breanna Ramsay says:

    Thank you! I have been looking into programs at Texas A&M (I have friends I can live with near the campus) and University of Minnesota because I am interested in their Maternal and Child Health MPH. I have also been looking into multiple online schools of Public Health.

  3. Lindsey Green says:

    Hi Breanna! I love your pictures! We had EPI 290/390 last spring semester together! I hope your search for graduate programs is going well! where are you thinking about applying? Hows your new horse doing?! I haven’t ridden in awhile so I feel like next time i get back in the saddle im going to be sore for the next few days..

    • Breanna Ramsay says:

      Lindsey I was just about to comment on your intro when I saw you posted on mine! So great to have another course with you again! 🙂 I am thinking about applying to Texas A&M and the University of Minnesota as well as some other online programs, but I still have some searching to do. My new horse, Bandon got off to a rocky start back at home, but is doing much better now and we have our first show on the 13th! Hopefully you won’t be too sore after you are able to ride again!

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