Let’s Go Exploring

Hello Everyone!
My name is Chris Hole, and I am a senior who is finishing up with this class as my last class ever at MSU. Dang, that is definitely bittersweet to say. But anyways, my major is History with a minor in Chinese. If I had the money I would have stayed to finish the double major but that didn’t happen. Anthropology is part of my pre-requisites for my major, so I have taken basic ANP 202 physical anthropology as well as Watrall’s Rise of Civilizations.

My hopes would be to someday travel throughout China in order to become fluent and achieve my goal of an MBA following that. This would all be in order to work in business from any location that I wish as well as travel. I love traveling, plain and simple as that. My featured image is that of the city of Shanghai, China. This is because my next destination in my sights is here. I plan that by the end of the summer traveling to Shanghai (or any other city in China for that matter) in order to teach english and save up some money.

Anywho, Have a wonderful day everyone and lets enjoy this class!

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