When I think of health, I think of being comfortably happy. Having no sickness or pain, with an understanding of your well being and any problems that might happen to your body is the part of being comfortable. The happy part is being happy with yourself physically, emotionally, intellectually and mentally. When illness comes to mind I think of something that cause you not to be comfortably happy when living your life form day today. It will affect the way you think, the way you feel, and your attitude towards certain things.

My criteria for the definitions came from personal and social reference. I feel that your health depends on how you live your life, if you consider it worth living and your thoughts about it are positive with no thoughts or feelings of harm being near, then you are in good health. But that can change to illness if you feel that there is a threatening harm to your life and you can not focus on your thoughts and understanding in life and might be going through some pain.

For example with anxiety I do feel like it is an illness because it can make you uncomfortable, fearful, and unease about life when you are in that state. Sometimes people don’t have control over their well-being and are unsure of how to calm and relax themselves back to a healthy state when going through this illness. It is not something that the body can handle naturally. If I compare anxiety to menstruation, I would categorize menstruation as an illness only if it didn’t happen naturally to the body. It does not cause angry thoughts, or something that is life threatening, if it happens regularly/normally, I do believe that is a sign of good health.

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  1. Adam Feuerstein says:

    Jamilia, I found your view of anxiety as being an illness interesting. To me I don’t think I would consider it an illness but I recognize it can lead to a more serious condition I would consider an illness. I think anxiety is something controlled by the mind and with training can be maintained to not be a problem or further yet be a positive thing. Several studies have been conducted on test anxiety as well as anxiety before a big sports game. One article I read focused on gymnastics and the level of anxiety before a stunt in competition. The study revealed that those who preformed good also had a higher level of anxiety beforehand than those who scored average. These individual have learned to channel the anxiety and turn it into something positive in the performance. Cultures centered on sports have actually seen anxiety as a positive thing. To many people it can be seen as caring about what you are doing and seen as a desirable trait. However, anxiety can work the other way and cause pressure on those performing and result in a bad performance. So where we disagree is that I think anxiety is something the body can handle naturally but in some individuals needs practice to do so. I do for the most part agree with you that if something occurs in the body naturally, it is not a sign of an illness such as in menstruation.

    Jones, Graham, Austin Swain, and Lew Hardy. “Intensity and direction dimensions of competitive state anxiety and relationships with performance.” Journal of Sports Sciences 11, no. 6 (1993): 525-532.

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