Aspiring Dentist

Hi all, my name is Megan Bergeron.  I am a senior majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Spanish at Michigan State University.  If all goes as planned, I will graduate in the Spring of 2015, and begin dental school in the Fall of 2015.  I recently took the Dental Admissions Test, and am currently applying to dental schools and taking four classes.  This takes up a lot of my time, and can be rather stressful, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the long run.  When I do have free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, working out and playing sports.  I am hoping to work a little this summer, but I feel as if I have had no time yet.

I am taking this class because it is part of my degree program and fit well into my schedule.  I have no previous anthropology experience, but have heard good things about this class.  I have not taken a class at Michigan State that does not require you to take exams, so I am interested to see which class format I enjoy more.  I do not consider myself to be great at writing, so I am hoping this class helps me to improve my writing skills.


This is my family.  I have three younger brothers.  Both of my parents attended Michigan State, and one of my brothers will be joining me here next year.


This is my dog Maya.  This picture was taken last summer a few weeks after we got her.  We rescued her from an organization called Last Day Dog Rescue.  This organization rescues dogs from high kill shelters, and finds homes for them.   Maya and her siblings were rescued from a high kill shelter in Ohio.  Maya is now a little over a year old, weighs 70 pounds and loves to play.


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  1. James Conwell says:

    Oh hello Megan, it is nice to meet you! My name is James Conwell, and I thought your intro post was rather interesting. I just recently took the MCAT, and I know what you mean about the study and application processes for medical school. I am sure Dental school is the same process. It is really stressful, but it will certainly pay off. You are taking four classes? That must be quite the work load. I am only taking two, and I find it to be a time crunch. But, once again, I am sure it will pay off. I hope that you are having a great summer, and that picture of your dog is really cute! That was good of you guys to adopt it!

    Anyway, it was cool meeting you!

  2. AnnMarie Maniaci says:

    Hey Megan, I am also an aspiring dentist! My workload this summer is also rough, but I am only taking 3 classes so I can’t even imagine taking 4. I haven’t taken the DAT yet though, so I’m super nervous and have a ton of studying ahead of me. I’m so stressed, I also have to keep telling myself it will all be worth it…. some day haha. Hopefully I don’t go crazy by then though!
    PS. Your dog’s a cutie!

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