Aspiring OB/GYN

Hello everyone! My name is Riasia Franklin. I am currently majoring in Human Bio, and I’m a junior. My dream is to become an OB/GYN because this is something I’m very passionate about, mainly because it has to do with Health. Im very interested in working in the medical field because I love helping others and Women’s health is something I take very seriously and very passionate about, being a woman myself. The only background experience I have that relates to anthropology would be a course a took my freshman year (ANP 270): Women and Health. I am taking this class because I feel that this class will give me a great background about medical history and this is just something I’m interesting in because it deals with medicine. I chose this photo because this is somewhat relevant to me because this is what I want to do in the near future. Being involved with women’s health is very exciting to me because I know that there are a shortage of Doctors out here and everyone can’t be a Doctor because it’s a really tough job.




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  1. holechri says:

    Hi there! My name is Chris. My dad happens to be a great OB/GYN who focuses on high risk pregnancy. Honestly it’s a really cool profession that is definitely needed. The gratitude that patients show him for his efforts is really an admirable characteristic of the job. I almost followed in his footsteps, but life had other things in store for me upon entering college. I hope you find success in your endeavors!

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