Aspiring Optometrist

Hey everyone!  My name is Jaana Ashtiani and I’m a Human Biology major with a pre-optometry pathway going into my senior year this fall. I’ve always had a very giving personality and find joy in helping others, so naturally I’ve leaned towards the medical pathway. This summer I took the OAT (which went very well!) and am currently in the process of applying to optometry schools all over the country! FORTUNATELY there’s only one optometry school in Michigan at Ferris State, which means I will most probably end up going out of state for graduate school (NOT complaining at all). I loovvee to travel and explore new states/countries/places/etc. so I’m hoping to use this opportunity to fulfill this desire!

I’ve only taken one anthropology class in the past and found it surprisingly interesting! Other than that, I’m really just taking this online class because it’s required for my major 😀 .

A little bit about me: I’m a first generation Persian-American and speak fluent farsi as well as english (obviously). I have a lot of family back home in Iran and love to go back and visit as much as possible.  Anyone who knows me, knows that the most important thing in the world to me is, above all else, my family. So naturally I chose a picture of my family and I in Italy, showing my love for them and travel all in one picture!

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